Thursday, February 7, 2013

Music: Let The Battles Begin / Take Flight / Harmonised Library / Eclipsed / Never Alone / The White Knights

Lots of music for you today. We've got 4 instrumentals: a battle theme, a Scootaloo song, a library, and the New Lunar Republic. We've also got 2 vocal tracks: A Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash song, and a teaser for Cyril the Wolf's next album. So set aside some time and get to listening.

1. Let The Battles Begin (Equestria Battles) [Instrumental] - GatoPaint
2. Take Flight [Original *Instrumental Version* by NomNom] - APillowInSpace
3. Legends box - Harmonised Library - Legendary
4. Eclipsed - Radiarc
5. Never Alone - TheDashDub ft. Feather
6. The White Knights - Cyril the Wolf