Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Bronies" Update and Misc. Video

So about a day ago John De Lancie tweeted this and it spread some worry. It would be prudent to mention that there is no cause for alarm: the tweet seems to have been misinterpreted in various ways. Mike Brockhoff clarified that De Lancie was not talking about production of the Blue Ray discs, and that they are not giving up trying to get the video to a more general audience. It still remains somewhat unclear exactly what has shut down, but at least it's not any of the the worst-case scenarios people were dreaming up.

Edit: The Kickstarter page has been updated with an explanation of what John meant. Thanks to TiM for letting us know in the comments!

Edit again: Lots of thought-provoking discussion about the documentary on Reddit right now! Welcome and make yourselves at home. We have intensedebate on our posts if you'd like to partake.

Also the brony community might be able to help out in other ways besides not illegally downloading. (The documentary staff would still prefer that people didn't download illegally)

In other news, the documentary has gotten some publicity from an article which you can find here, so hooray for that!

Also we have a Doctor Hooves and Assistant video after the break, because we just found it, and because why not?