Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nightly Megathread # 24

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It was 80's day at my school, I chose to be this person... anyway  |to the post below the break|

Story Time

Driven myself to partial insanity again, might as well tell myself that story, where was I? Oh right, now I remember. So the keeper of the underworld leaped at me as I was defending Scootaloo, with its massive strength to flung me and Scoots off the edge of the cliff toward the great chasm below, where you become truly dead with no hope of life once more. I did manage to catch the arm of the keeper and take it down with us. Somehow I knew what all of this was, and I was determined to let Scootaloo live again. I gripped it in a losing struggle as it made its way back to the place between life and death. It was a losing battle, I'd all but let go when Osma Lightbringer (Legacy Of Radio), had come to my aid,bloody rainbow shard in hand. He threw it down on a rope made of a draconeqqs feather, and secured on a cursed sky fragment. I lifted me and Scootaloo up to the ledge and all at once our consciousness returned to our bodies. Osma was left bound in place by his spells, in a struggle with the keeper, should he break his spell he would return to this world, and the keeper would be free to roam the place between life and death forever more. Perhaps one day in this lifetime he will return... oh I'm supposed to be doing a nightly right now, I'll get right on that.


I think I'm going to have gone mad by the time season 3 arrives. What do you think Twilight?

he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he maredness.

Fluttershy vs. Pinkie Teaser

Honestly, Fluttershy doesn't stand a chance, a pacifist won't fight.

Pinkie, use the Mega Stomp Badge!

Game Trailer

My list of games I'm waiting for just got longer...

The full game better have the CMC...


Saw this went to schedule it, got an email submission for it not five minutes later...

Contact the artist if you wish to vocalize this song. Yes it was intended to have vocals.


Tasty cupcakes, Rainbow Dash cupcakes... 

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Rainbow Dash cutie mark cupcakes to be exact, and we all know what part of the body the cutie mark is on.


...In Equestria by ~ShadowShay
Twilight, you can't facehoof at the most interesting Pinkie.



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What is your favorite media type? Why? Do you take part in creating any media? What? What pony related media do you indulge in the most? What is your all time favorite peice? Why? Who is your favorite creator? Why? What was the first peice of pony media you saw?