Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fanfic: The Fallen Kingdom Chronicles

[Romance][Dark][Adventure][Alternate Universe]"It's as good as it sounds... Trust me!" -FPLOON

By Dawnforge

For Fifteen years, Celestia and the Northern half of Equestria have been in the hands of the most destructive enemy Equis has ever known, the Undead. For fifteen years, Shining Armor and Cadence, leading an order of ponies called the Argentum Solarium, have held the northern borders of the last surviving half of Equestria, Luna's Kingdom of Stormane. For fifteen years... Celestia, has been missing, and the sunlight that shines down upon all of Equis, has been cold, and unkind.

With rumors of the neighboring Griffon and Changeling empires gearing for war, and the Elements of Harmony, the six greatest heroes known to Equestria, broken and torn apart by their duties and responsibilities, will Equestria survive? And will the Undead, after fifteen years of remaining in the Fallen Kingdom, or the Shadowlands, finally march against the remaining life of Equis?

The Fallen Kingdom Chronicles