Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Miniature discussion post #5

Classic art from a great artist

Today's discussion will be a couple of related odds and ends I'm clearing out of the idea folder. After a few more odds-and-ends discussion posts, the discussions will become 20% cooler, as I finally get to some of my better discussion ideas.

  1. It looks like we're still going back and forth about the future blog name: the idea we're stuck on is that while Discord's Domain is indeed a great name and describes the current blog very well, it doesn't quite convey what we want for the future of this blog as well as Canterlot Watchtower. Just keeping folks in the loop. Anyone want to add a last-minute idea to break the tie?
  2. Anyways, thank goodness we're changing the blog name/address, because EqD has started blocking links and text which include the blog name. This has been interpreted by some as a sign that we are competing with Equestria Daily. As cautious man and an optimist, I wouldn't go as far as to say that; this blog won't be able to take the same route as EqD: we just wouldn't be able to beat EqD at its own games: they've got a two year head-start to optimize and really burrow into the brony community. So then folks: What do you think? Is competition inevitable? Or can we avoid it/foster collaborative relations instead?
  3. Anyways one way to ensure that this blog can coexist with all other brony websites out there is to find our own niche, and follow our own path. We need some unique long-term goals for what this blog should be in the future: ideals to strive for that will set us apart from other websites. Goals like fostering adaptability, cooperative spirit and punctuality in this blog. Goals like one day making it feel like while you're on this site you're getting an unobstructed bird's-eye view of the fandom, and you're in an oasis and refuge for thoughtful debate. Goals like making sure  we moderators continue to participate in comment threads and discussions, cultivating a welcoming, respectful and inherently community-building culture on this site. That last one is a powerful asset: commenters can be a valuable source of news to us, and we can be a valuable podium and platform for them, in a symbiotic way. These are only a few of the goals we can aim for, some of which we already do aim for. But what others do you think we should strive to acheive? Do you agree/disagree with any of these goals? If so, why?