Saturday, June 22, 2013

Equestria Girls Review

Alright, my DD Equestria Girls review is here at last. There will be a few spoilers but I'll warn you when I start covering them. Onward!

First thing I want to say is I obviously wasn't the only brony there. There were people who drove several hours just to come see it. I think that certainly says something about the dedication of the fans. You guys are awesome, if perhaps a bit crazy.

Spot the Dudeman!

So, let's get to it. First thing you'll be asking about is the plot. Is it cliché? Yes, a bit. But one of the main draws to MLP, at least to me, is how well it handles cliché. McCarthy proves that she's knows what she's doing. The dialogue was decent and overall, it felt like a regular episode.

On the off chance you didn't notice, MLP songs have a special meaning to me. In my opinion, this was no different. Once again, Daniel comes through. Even if you aren't a pop fan, it fits in well with the theme of the movie. So no complaints here.

The character designs are one of the things that get a lot of criticism, but I think they work well. The certainly could be worse. Although there were a few I wasn't overly fond of, but more on that later.

All the shoutouts and callbacks are great. Lots of recognizable faces make an appearance, including a certain fan-favorite. If you go, be sure to watch the whole credits. It's worth it.

I do have more to say, but it involves spoilers, so I'll give my final verdict here. If you are a fan of MLP, which I can only assume you are, I see no reason you would not find some enjoyment in this movie. Unless you're someone like HappyThoughts, I guess. I say give it a shot. If you want to hear anything else, be ready for spoilers. If not, scroll on down to comments and go for it. And remember, if you can't say anything nice, at least word it cleverly so I don't get bored reading it.


I missed a bit of the beginning (since when do movies start early?) but I still saw a good part of the sequence in Equestria and it felt a bit rushed. I think if they had made it 90 minutes instead of 72, this could have been fixed. Another thing that bothered me was Snips and Snails as Sunset's lackeys, not to mention their design in general. Was it that big of a deal to make two new characters?

The final scene was a bit rushed as well, but most villains seem to have this problem.The whole "redemption thing" was a bit obvious but hey, at least she didn't explode. Brad Flash could have used more development as well. The whole romance part seemed a bit weak, too. And there's no kissing either, for all you little kids and blog-running cyborgs worried about that. 

All in all, not too dissimilar to what plagued Canterlot Wedding, love that one as I may. Could have been better but not nearly as bad some episodes.