Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Music (5/14/13)

YouTube, stop being the worst.
Also, I need to observe how long SGaP's videos stay before he hides them...

Speaking of which, listen to that Live Edit by Voodoopony.
Or give GatoPaint's collab a shot if you feel more like Nightwish.

Aviators Open Your Eyes (Retrotype Remix) Vocal House
ClaviSound Walk Like An Equestrian Vocal Parody
Freewave & Dreamsong Young Folks Vocal Electropop Cover
GatoPaint Feat. ShadowCatKirara Glamour Queen [Nightmare Rarity Song] Part 1 Vocal Metal
GatoPaint Feat. ShadowCatKirara Endless Mist Of Nightmares [Nightmare Rarity Song] Part 2 Vocal Metal
Macarou Timeless Affinity Ambient
Mush They Are Evil Vocal Synthpop
Panic Equestrian Battle Electro
Radiarc Solar Flare Orchestral
Radix Explode And Die Electro
Radix Morning In Ponyville Remix Electro
SoGreatAndPowerful PinkiePieSwear [Voodoopony Live Edit] Instrumental
VINXIS Ft. Rhyme Flow Standards Rap