Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Keep It Up!

Glad to see we're avoiding mindless hatred, unlike some sites. Keep it positive, guys.

After the break, have a song (a.k.a. the whole reason I made this post).

Hyperdudeman Presents:

I've seen a great many things that cause bronies to wonder
I've seen a great many things that can tear our fandom asunder
But thing that will not let us go, looms o'er the fanbase as whole
Is the day we first heard whisperings of EQG

Have you heard the concept? The ponies go to high school
And have you seen the artwork? The style is so uncool
And which marketing genius thought that we all wanted this a lot?
How did they ever arrive with the thought of EQG?

Ingram's on the music, that's one less thing to fear
And McCarthy's writing, trust her to bring us cheer
So maybe it's not quite as bad as the outlook we first had
And now maybe we can all fret a bit less about EQG