Friday, April 26, 2013

Music (4/26/13)

YouTube, stop being so bad.
Too much music to wait another day. And out it goes.

Among The Herd Bridges Burned Metalcore
BassBeastJD The First Snowfall Orchestral
Claire Anne Carr Flutterwonder Rock! Instrumental Rock
Cyril the Wolf Tell Me So I Know Vocal 90's Rock
Doofcake Crusaders Electronic Instrumental
ElectroKaplosion Derpy's Dream (Aviators Remix) Vocal House
Errar404 Diamonds(Original Mix) House
MandoPony Sleepy Skies Theme Orchestral
Nicolas Dominique Wereluna Progressive Trance
Night Breeze Morning, Nurse Redheart! Instrumental Soundtrack
Orion Melody Zephysonas' Theme Instrumental
PonyVisation The Hidden Gem Piano Improvisation
wacarb It's The End Of The Show As We Know It Vocal Parody