Friday, April 26, 2013

Have Tuba, Will Travel

Remember renegadecow and his wooden automatons?
Here's a new one.

Leave it to Pinkamena Diane Pie to mop up your worries, real or imagined, with a smile. But if your troubles are with parasprites, she'll also be needing a whole bunch of instruments to round them up. And no, you won't be needing an equal number of Pinkie Pies or other musically inclined ponies for that matter as she can play them all by herself. As to how exactly she can pull that off, who knows? Just keep a lookout for stray parasprites like Gummy's doing, or at least that's what I think he's doing.
The stand, figures, tuba and accordion are carved out of Philippine mahogany while the gears, banjo, tambourine, harmonica and parasprites are made from Narra hardwood. The Parasprite wings are made with laquered tracing paper and the cymbals are from sheet metal. The figures are painted in enamel and protected by clear flat lacquer. Pinkie Pie stands at 5" and measured as a whole including the stand and instruments is 8 1/4" tall, 8 1/2" long, and 4 1/4" wide. The entire piece took 129 1/2 hours to complete.