Friday, March 15, 2013

Nightly Megathread #165

*Previously on "False Nightly Megathread Theater"*

Hyperdudeman: What's the code? *grabs the mic* What's the CODE???
SleepToFade: The next Artsy... *single tear appears* It's gone...
Radiogenicpony: *shouting* It's MY Scootaloo... and I need her NOW!!!
Swatteam1013: *wakes up at 2pm* Pinkie... I just had a dream... and you weren't in it...
Robotbob: *after reading the latest FiM news* ...Twilight is gone, guys!
FPLOON: *whispers* You said it wasn't personal... *power increasing and eyes glowing*
Trigonometrize: NEW DARING DO??? *faints*
MikeNanotube: This... *facepalms* was not part of the plan...
Shuupadoopdoop: *confused* My Nightly is still today, right?
Sweetie Bot: *without a single flinch* I... don't... give... a...

*Dun dun duuuuuun*

Joseph Houser: And, now back to the actual Nightly Megathread already in progress after the break...
Whitest Mares U Know (Episode 2)

Joseph Houser: I'm really hoping they do a third episode... *reads video description* Dammit...


Why not?


Joseph Houser: Will that sub plot about the Bears ever be brought up again in the "False Nightly Megathread Theater"? Or even resolved??
FPLOON: *thinks* Probably not... It wasn't really going anywhere...
Hyperdudeman: So... Is the code a lie or... what?
*To Be Continued... in Manga Volume #168*
A Series of Pointless Questions...

Will Hyper find out about the code?
Can Sleep recover from a missing Artsy?
Where is Scootaloo?
Does Swat have more Surprise on his mind?
What's up with Twilight and Season 4?
Who was FPLOON talking to?
Will Trig wake up?
What has Mike done?
Where is Shuup's last Nightly?
Is Sweetie Bot more than meets the eye?

Answer one (or all) of the questions in the comments below... and then find out if "False Nightly Megathread Theater" was subscribed by your pediatrician, your therapist, and/or your favorite mod on Discord's Domain... Either way, thanks for watching...