Friday, March 15, 2013


Shows based on reality
Oh, the humanity!
Oh, Ozzy's family
Sho' loves profanity

Bring out the hour, and the music shall flower... With covers and originals that do not sound sour...

1. Pikachu25sci90vt Fluttershy's Training Song Piano Cover
2. metalcorepony It's Rainbow Dash (AcousticBrony & MysteriousBronie Remix Competition) Electro-Metal
3. NarfIarg Elements of Harmony - Fluttershy's Theme Soft Electronic*
*Overlaping melody...
4. Silent Night Story of the Blanks Metal
5. bronyforchrist Celestia's Ballad Colt Version Vocal Cover**
**It's a little more than that...
6. Facexplodie Have Peace Again Soft Splice
7. NightBreeze The Heart of a Dragon (feat. NomNom) Vocal/Orchestral
8. Manard True True Friend Orchestral Cover Orchestral
9. Counterwise Stars Over Ponyville Liquid Drum & Bass
10. Luceds Cloudsdale Night Chiptune
11. Daniel Ingram I've Got To Find A Way (Aviators Remix) Progressive Dance
12. Blu3Mixed Everything Shy Dubstep/Drumstep