Friday, March 8, 2013

Mid-day Megathread Madness

You all said you wanted more megathreads during the day. So here we go. Head past the break to let the randomness begin.
The Equestrian Temperance Movement has finally succeeded. Princess Celestia has enacted the Prohibition Act, banning cider. What happens next? Speakeasies and  bootleggers running rampant? Manehatten being overrun by gangsters? Or is everything just fine and life actually improved? Decide down below.

[Mike takes the thread and runs]

Hey there! Before Hyper catches me, I just had an interesting thought. It seems like this site attracts a lot of people from EqD that have really high rep scores/are well known. Why do you think that is the case? Is this just where the cool kids hang out? Could it be that this site somehow teaches good commenting habits? Is it just that all the top commenters sort of know each other and word spreads quickly amongst them? What do you think?