Friday, March 8, 2013


Comics for everyone. Twilight likes them. I guess. Or she likes to giggle at Pinkie.

What's the Worst She Could Do? by ~FigN01

He's like "dafuq?"
Seriously though, I feel sorry for Pinkie...
M6CMC Road Trip to Disneyland Sweetie' Suprise by ~PrettyCupcakes

If you can look at her without any emotion, then congratulations.
You're either FPLOON or just have no soul.
Midnight Eclipse - Page 1 by ~labba94

Neither midnight nor eclipse so far, but it's just the first page.
Seems to be a random story, guessing from this picture there and a few other  things. But then again, it's Pinkie.
Stonebolt - Worth It by ~Stonebolt