Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nightly Megathread #84

!SPOILER! Mowe apple fwittu by ~chibi95

I was thinking about making the entire Roundup Derpy centric, but I figured that would piss some people off xD Onto the Nightly!

Thoughts on the Episode

I'll go into more detail tomorrow, but I thought this Applejack episode was rather different than the ones we've had before in certain ways. There was also a more complete story arc with Applejack's relation with her family. Although, that isn't much of a point considering the entire episode was focused around that, it's just I felt earlier AJ eps fell short on that front... as I said, more elaboration tomorrow. 


Best of MLB

I actually tweeted this one on the DD account. Very accurate.

Bucking lost it. 

Pretty much.


I should re-title this sub-section to "Speculation": Apple Bloom appears to be a natural Apple, yet the show has indicated her talent may lie in arts and crafts or something of this nature. What do you guys think? Is Apple Bloom going to get the traditional Apple-centric cutie-mark or will she deviate from her family's classic stamp? Or maybe it'll be a hybrid of the two and she'll be the Eli Whittney of Equestria and be Ponyville's premiere agricultural engineer...hey, I actually like this theory. Don't be hatin'! Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Also, that Twilight vs Trixie competition I ran way back when? Twilight destroyed the whole thing. *confetti*