Saturday, December 22, 2012

Apple Family Reunion Episode Follow Up

It's that time again. Time for another follow up post! As before, if you don't want spoilers, turn back! Go on past the break to see some memorable screen caps and stuff you may have missed.

Smoking is the leading cause of cancer in ponies. Talk to your pony about the harm of smoking tobacco.

Wait, that might not be tobacco she is smoking.

Face lifts now cannon.

Do you even know who I am?

Granny showing off her Giraffe skills.

AJ showing off her OWN Giraffe skills.

When dentures attack.

Oh AJ, you can't eat all those fritters.

Buck you I can't eat all these fritters!

AJ: Please stop making fun of my arm tumors...

Hmm, No AJ parents.

Still no AJ parents. 

You don't think those shooting starts could mean anything, do you?

Sleeping ponies are best ponies.

AJ biting a hole through the blanket.

Alright Applebloom, you can do this! It's only a simple jump from the bed.


Son of a #$*&

Thank you Rarity for your 10 minutes of total screen time this season.

Bees: NO!!! Our honey! How will we survive the Winter!? Maybe we can restock on our supplies.

$%*&! Our Home!!!!

Not the BEES!!!!

Pinkie: I'm sure AJ would love for me to throw this bucket of dirt and glass on her.

Golden Delicious 

There is more water on AJ then in the buckets.

What a shocking experience.

Spike is best Zippo lighter/Pac Man

Or maybe Flamethrower? 

Wait, isn't everything Spike burns is sent to Celestia?

I guess Celestia will be sprinkled with ashed for the remainder of the episode.

I guess Braeburn likes a little manual labor.

Screw those rich apples from Las Pegasus, with their fancy flying machines.

Ermagahd! Tummy Rub!

Lol, I stole Twilight's cutie mark.

So he is also related?

Garsh, you sure are pretty.
I like your teeth.
Aren't we related?
That makes it better.

You thought I was going to give Braeburn any screen time? Forget about it.

Wouldn't you rather watch me do THIS all during the episode.

Look guys! I'm a walrus.

I don't know what to caption this with.

AJ: The original slave driver. Proud owner of 3 sweat shops.

Epic face

Epic face

Ermagahd! Fritters!

Huh, this whole time I thought the building was much further away and was a lot bigger.
Turns out it's as small as a shed.

And we have a winner! The gross colored pony with the green mane.

Mac x Jack ships now cannon.....Ew.

Epic face

Ok, that's pretty cool.

If Ozzy Osbourne would of bitten one of the heads off these bats, not as many people would of freaked out.

We can't stop here! This is bat country!

Screw this. You can crash the cart.
FINE! I didn't want to crash the cart with you anyways!

This is the third time this barn has been destroyed. That barn is cursed.

I didn't know Bon Bon, Cloud Chaser, and Carrot Top were part of the Apple Family.
That, or they were walking along and got sucked into the musical.

Yeah Yeah. Racist Barn

Look at me! I'm Braeburn! I'm just going to stand here and not help.

Yeah! Let's all be like Braeburn
Pony in back: Why the $%*& aren't you helping me!?!?! It's going to fall!!

That pig is so baws.

Appalachia: A playing style of the fiddle. 
It kinda has the word apple in it.
Octavia aint got nothing on her!
Also, this is a gif. I may take a while to load.

Oh god....

Only AJ can make manual labor fun.

Uh, Babs? Is there something wrong with your eyes?

You are the worst assassin ever.

Lol, watch me twirl this old lady around.
She can't do anything about it. She's old.

Once again, no AJ parents.

Granny, stop breaking the fourth wall.

Never trust vector AJ.

About time someone sent a letter to Celestia! She is getting tired of all the ashes.

 Huh, it ends with two shooting stars.

Things to note 

Wilhelm Scream at 12:29.

So yeah, something is up with AJ's parents. Whether it be they are dead or just gone in some other way. But in all honesty, this would be probably the best and only way they could present the loss of parents in the show like this.

Not really much to note in this episode. Comment with anything we missed in the episode follow up!
Have some random vids to go along with the follow up.

I can't embed this, so just go here. It's awesome