Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nightly Megathread #276

I had a request for Sombra for tonight's Nightly header. Don't think I've done a Sombra header yet, so why not? And I know the requester will very much appreciate this one in particular ;).

Retro Video Time:

It's been so long I had completely forgotten about this one until I dug it out of my Youtube playlist...

Discussion Time:

So, FiM villains/antagonists. We've had some really great ones. While I'm not the biggest Sombra fan (please don't kill me, Negaverser),  I have to go with Nightmare Moon myself. Always loved the idea of the fallen hero and even with the adverse side effects, I wouldn't exactly be completely opposed to an eternal night. Any favorites/preferences among all of you and why? And granted, it's really hard to hate Discord. At least for me. His chaos is simply too lovable.