Sunday, October 6, 2013

Story Spotlight: Fluttershy's Soda

Welcome to my first story spotlight, where I take a look at stories that aren't getting very much attention that perhaps deserve a little more.  I can't promise that all of the stories I'll be featuring are undiscovered masterpieces, only that they are interesting in some way that makes them worth a read.  Maybe they handle a particular character really well or they have an interesting tone or twist.

This week's story is Fluttershy's Soda by BattleSisterDash.

I can enjoy just about any kind of story so long as it is well done, but everyone has their favorites.  Even though most of the popular stories on FiMfiction are angst-filled, edgy or dark like Fallout: Equestria, a story that can capture the bright, happy tone that made Friendship is Magic so refreshing and attractive in the first place will always be a favorite of mine.

What works about this story is its simplicity.  We have a thirsty Fluttershy and a legion of unexpected, yet relatable problems that stand between her and her goal.  It's easier to sympathize with something we've also experienced as readers, like losing your change right when you need it, than with someone seeking revenge because their whole village was destroyed by Thulsa Doom.

It's not perfect, but how relatable the experience is and the author's handle on the characters make for a charming, brief read.

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