Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nightly Megathread #272

A Luna/Nightmare Moon for a Nightly header? Am I getting too predictable? Either way, find your nightly stuff after the break.

Video Time:

First we have a grimdark PMV/song from Freewave. I'd say watch at your own discretion if you're nervous about that sort of thing. And you can also find the non-PMV version here.

And since it didn't have a post already, here's "Everything Wrong With Double Rainboom in 4 Minutes or Less".

Retro Video Time:

Gem golfing really beats any other type of golfing in my book.

Discussion Time:

Ugh, my brain's kind of dead tonight. I can't think of a topic for discussion. Start something random in comments. Anything at all. Go wild with it.