Monday, September 23, 2013

Nightly Megathread #250

Negrah molu! Lah regro neetal ver shnit! She bah looble farknok? Ting-a-ling basha snooble! Feda na goo lu! Cha vo!

Bega vanooshta! Ling valoga no. Ustarah mesh nal bertwo. Eh vo noshta teeloo ta tu, teelah perdu. Calugnah questvin! Olche cah vetch ti noe! Leedle meedle ta bootle venash. Persa voo. Knah ter sneh ze xetah. Lalala poogin schnog toogy mcha, upidicupadee lipidy day notch. Fomo lashna rregno welcha voo be tine.  BOOSHOO NAH VEEDLE BOOGIN!

Discussion: Do you guys think that our beloved ponies in the Mane 6 have lives their best friends and family don't even know about? If so, use your vivid imagination to think of what they like to do behind closed doors.