Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nightly Megathread #246

I guess it's a Harvest Moon tonight. Luna seems quite happy about it! Too bad I can't see it where I'm at. Nightly after the break.

First off, we have some info on a great oil painting that was featured at BUCK this year. Have some copy/paste, along with some images after that.

"Did you see our commissioned oil painting at BUCK? Now’s your chance to own it.

For BUCK 2013, we had a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic oil painting commissioned, which stood as the centrepiece of our art gallery, in the main foyer of The Bridgewater Hall.

This is a beautiful 3′ x 4′ oil painting in a proper gilt frame, by an artist who has produced designs for the British Royal Family; collectible potteries like Wedgwood and Spode; as well as the Sheikhs of Arabia, and many of the luxury hotels across the middle east.

The artwork has been created as a personal favour (hence the low price), and has taken nearly 9 months to produce. It is called “Equestria at War” by John Eastley.

We are now looking to sell the painting to anyone who may be interested in this unique piece. We can courier it to any worldwide location (prices on request – this is a heavy piece); and the purchaser may have it mounted or unmounted (i.e. the frame removed, to save on weight).

Painting Details:
Frame: Length 1m 16.8cm, Height 86.4cm, Depth 14cm
Canvas: Length 88.9cm, Height 58.4cm
Weight including frame 17kg

Offers should start around £2,000 GBP unmounted; or £2,500 GBP mounted. You will not see a painting like this again; and its estimated cost to purchase from a professional gallery would be well in excess of £15,000 to £20,000 GBP.

Furthermore, the artist has agreed that once purchased he is willing to amend the ponies on the artwork, so if the purchaser wished to include specific OCs, then that would be included in the price.

Please note that there will be a delay of roughly 10-12 weeks before shipping as the canvas is prepared for transport.

I’m sure that we can find the right person for this wonderful piece of art."

Anyone interested can contact them directly at And some images, of course. Seriously, if I had the money, I'd jump all over this.

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It's no secret that with Friendship is Magic and MLP in general, there's certainly no shortage of various merchandise to be collected, whether it's officially licensed or fanmade. I suppose I'm just curious. What kind of various merch does everyone have, if anything? And is there any kind of merch that you don't have but are dying to get your hands on? I know I'm still deprived of a Luna plush, but hopefully soon enough...