Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nightly Megathread #238

Hmm... should we even try to apply logic here? Nah, who needs logic?! Logic is for boring people! Discussion after the break!

First off, congratulations, Cory! I'm glad someone else decided to sell their soul to DD instead of me. I still need it... (Yes I have a soul. :p) The pay may not be that great, but the benefits are marvelous! (If you consider being locked up in Hyper's basement a "benefit") Oh and I baked you a cake, but then the cake decided to run away. So I got you a muffin instead! You like those more anyway, right? Of course you do!

Discussion: What do you guys think Celestia is having Discord do now that he has decided to use his magic for good instead of causing chaos? (Most of the time.)