Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Nightly Megathread #231

Okay, it's Zecora day so I need to talk like her... uh... I'm a bit rusty on my Zebra. *ahem* The Nightly is here, so politely come near? Eh, that'll work.

I remember on last night's NM, that Hyper wished he could go to the beach. That made me think, has DD ever had a vacation day? I don't know, but tonight is going to be a vacation day. Everypony aboard! Let's all head to the beach! *throws everyone inside a strange white van* *hops in the driver's seat and starts to drive towards the beach* Let's put on some traveling music! *turns on the radio* *What is Love begins to play* OMG! YES! YES! This is my song! What is love?! Baby don't hurt me! Don't hurt me! No more! *starts to swerve and ends up rolling the van off the road and onto the beach* Ugh... *crawls out of the van* We're... here! (Which was rather quick...)

Discussion: It's DD vacation day. Enjoy yourselves and do beach things with each other. Play volleyball, build a sandcastle, tan, get eaten by a shark, go gurgle a jellyfish, just do something! I drove thousands of miles just to get us to the beach!