Monday, September 2, 2013

Nightly Megathread #229

There are those who fight, there are those who are pink, and sometimes there are those who are both... Beware of the Pink Menace. Coming out in theaters on Equestriatober 4th, 4444 T.S.

Today is a wonderful day! Why? Because we hit 11,000 comments on the Masterthread! Isn't that just wonderful?(Besides the fact that those who are on it have nothing better to do during the day and have way too much free time. Now I wonder who those people could be?)

Discussion #1: I think Hyper is starting to rub off on me... *ahem* The Mane 6 have been turned into ice cream! What flavors are they and what are their ice cream names?

Discussion #2: Oh no! A disease that is causing ponies(except for Lyra) to grow hands has plagued all of Equestria! What will our favorite ponies do with their new hands?! (Except for Lyra. She is immune to the disease and can't have hands. She does however get to have feet.)