Sunday, September 8, 2013

"Morning" Post #13

(source) KP really loves the beach.

Actually... Lots of news today! Including updates from Nightmare Nights and Fiesta Equestria, and much much more! ...After the break of course.

Ok so hype being built for Season 4 by Will Anderson (I hope those words are more than a representation of his bias on the matter), over on MLP Reddit someone released what is supposedly a sneak-peak of some stuff JanAnimations is working on at the moment,

more 3D-prints are in the works over on SkynetBeta's DA, and EqD will soon be opening up their Ponies Around the World thing again (so get your cameras ready for some good times and fun!).

And now that I've managed to get all that news posted in a single run-on sentence, on to the really cool bit!

Considering our current views per day, we have less than 24 hours untill this little blog hits half a million views! I guess we've got a party to plan... I'll bring the browser ponies and plastic cups!

And for anyone who's interested, Announcements from Nightmare Nights and and Fiesta Equestria:

The Fiesta is back! That’s right! Fiesta Equestria! will be happening once again in the 2014 year. I know that many of you may have questions as to where and when Fiesta Equestria! 2014 will be happening, and sadly, I can’t answer those questions exactly yet. However, I can tell you that Fiesta Equestria! 2014 will be staying in the great city of Houston, Texas, and will be happening around the same time as it did last year, which was the middle of the Summer. Please help us by filling out our Guest Survey so that we know who you, the attendees, want to see at Fiesta Equestria! 2014. If any of you have any questions, please feel free to send them to us through our Contact Us form. And make sure to go to our new website, like our new Facebook page and follow us on our new Twitter account to keep up with all the latest information regarding Fiesta Equestria! 2014. 

Thank you all and I hope to see you next year! 

~ Pickle and Staff

(source) (requested by Nightmare Nights)

Nightmare Nights Dallas is proud to announce another guest! G. M. Berrow, author of the young reader novel series including “Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell”, will be attending as a guest of honor. In support of St. Jude she is attending at her own expense! Apparently the G stands for Generous! 

Since the convention itself is only 60 days out, the window to submit panel ideas is rapidly closing! You can submit them here- - but only until the 20th!

Likewise our dance and live music set submission window is closing. You can submit your musical sets or live music auditions to until September 20th. Performers selected to be on stage will have their badges comped. The dance will be run on Friday night, with live music and a late night dance on Saturday night. If you’re interested in either, drop us a line.

Additionally, we are still looking for Nationally Certified EMTs. All applicants must be NREMT registered at a minimum of the “EMT” level. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry, this request doesn’t apply to you.

We’re looking for a minimum of 5 EMTs to ensure consistent coverage. All who are taken on as staff will receive a compensated badge to the event. Interested, or know someone who fits the bill? Email with your application. Please be sure to include the following information in your message.
Provider Level
Expiration Date
Proof of Certification
List of State Certifications (if any)
Convention EMS Experience (if any)

As a final note, ticket prices increase $10 on October 16th. Register early to save some cash and help the convention out.