Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Discord's Domain! 1 Year!

Oh hey, Fluttershy. A present? What for? 1 year old already? Man, how time flies, you guys. 1 year ago today, the very first post was made on this little site and now 2725 posts and 525000 pageviews later, here we are. And it's thanks to you. Head past the break to celebrate.

Let's start things off with the Mistress of Parties herself! Pinkie Pie, take it away!

I... I... let's just pretend that never happened and hope our souls will be healed one day. How about a game? Post your top score in the comments.

And because I'm me, I made a little something special just for the occasion.

Hyperdudeman Presents:

All in!

Threading, you know that's how we roll
Thousands of comments filling these posts
Come on, it's not too late
To join in the fun and forget all the hate

Comment count increasing
There's no time for bed
I'm going off the rails on a megathread
I'm going off the rails on a megathread

I've seen other fandoms and visited sites
but not of them compare to DD at night
These certain condtions, together as one
create circumstances for limitless fun

Playing in the comments
Oh look, Hyper's dead
I'm going off the rails on a meagthread
I'm going off the rails on a megathread

I know there's something wrong with me
But I'll keep posting these words yeahhhh

Season 4's coming and bring new stuff
But our love for this show means it's never enough
We won't give up and not post
As long as the show lives, DD won't be a ghost

IntenseDebate not loading
Messing with my head
I'm going off the rails on a megathread
I'm going off the rails on a megathread

Now for the "serious" part. It's been a long strange trip so far, but it's been one I'm glad I made. I can't properly describe all the emotions I've felt over the course of this. I'm glad I met every single one of you,look forward to the future and what it brings. But enough from me, let's hear from some other folks now.

Thanks to Sleepy for the header (big surprise). He's here somewhere, probably glued to his dA account. But I'm sure he's happy on the inside. Probably.

Whoop! Whoop! Whoopee!  Happy first anniversary to Discord's Domain!
Though I haven't been here long, I'm glad to have the privilege of knowing all of you.  Allow me to share in DD's trademark elegance and refined sensibilities by inviting you to cocktails for two. -Cormac
What do you mean it's old?  I swear I wouldn't forget something as important as our anniversary, darlings!  Well, I MEANT to get you something!  Honest!

Just a reminder for the remaining mods on board...

DD's one year anniversary? Huzzah! It's been great spending time here on this site with you all and getting involved in all matters of ridiculousness in the little under a year's time I've been here. Here's a happy Luna and to another a great year (and hopefully more). -Eclipse

When I first saw this blog, it was a ball of randomness led by Radiogenic, Robotbob, FPLOON, Shuup, Trig and Swatt. Then Sweetie Bot and I came aboard for a while, and kept it going, then eventually the torch was passed to Hyper and Sleepy, and now we've got even more new and promising mods. But no matter who's been in charge and who stayed or left over the past year, that torch of randomness has always been kept lit. That's the nature of the site somewhat - it's the type of community it has formed. And I think... that it has been a good thing. -MikeNanotube

There appears to be a half-eaten muffin and a note. The note reads "Cheers, Dep" and smells faintly of gunpowder. I'm a little bit concerned.

I found a scrap of paper with a rough draft for something called Rarity's Domain and what appears to be a rough sketch of Los Santos. I'm going to assume it means Bull Smit says hi and thanks. Canadians...

And finally, that bit off news I'd been hinting at. DD has friends now! Friends who will be working with us! We're a part of the upcoming Crystal Empire Network, linking multiple sites together for an improved experience. Don't expect anything immediate but this will be going through, hopefully increasing the number of visitors and thus the fun to be had. Read about it more here. Onward to the future.

Now, my friends. it is time for why you all come here to begin with. The comments section. Time to go wild. Ask questions, play games, have adventures, sing songs. Make it a memorable post. And once again, thank you from all the DD staff, past present, future, and alternate realities. You helped make this.