Friday, August 16, 2013

Nightly Megathread #212

Oh my... Rarity! Don't you know that being drunk is so unlady like?! Ugh... I'm not surprised. What'd you expect from a m- *bottle hits me in the head* Ow! What was that fo- *gets tackled by a drunk Rarity* Help me!

*panting* Okay... I... *pant* managed to... *pant* escape... *pant* discussion... *pulls out voice recorder and plays it* "Hi guys! For the discussion tonight... *drum roll in the background* Pokémon! Or Ponymon, to be more accurate. Just list some ponies that you think would be interesting as a Pokémon. What would their type be? Name? Abilities? Attacks? The list goes on!" *stops voice recorder* There... now... *pant* go-AAAAAAAH! *Rarity tackles me yet again*