Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Nightly Megathread #204 (I think...)

Hi there, I'm running a tad bit late on the schedule. So um... anyway discussion is after the break! Isn't that just exciting?!

Okay for the lovely discussion tonight! The development team for My Little Pony is deciding to add a 7th Element of Harmony into the mix! Pick which Background pony you think would be best at fulfilling the position of being the 7th Element. What Element of Harmony would they represent and well, what would their necklace/tiara/hat/girdle/whateveryouthinkwouldlookgood look like? Comment away!
(Yes I know certain somepony's want their mail. I'm just going ahead and posting the NM so it will be up. Then after I post it, I'll edit it and add the mail! So allonsy or whatever the buck Dr. Whooves says. Man I'm in a rush...)
So here's the mail! (If I forgot whoever wanted mail I am sorry, you're mail was lost on the trip and is probably out in a field somewhere...)
Hyper: A box with a surprise in it!
Lyra: I murdered some human and disemboweled him for you. I also cut off his(her?) arms, legs, reproductive organs, I scalped them so you can have some human hair, um let's see... their eyes, ears, colon, nose, just every part of the human being you could imagine! Oh and I also got you some fertilizer to help you grow. It was specifically designed to help little angry potatoes grow! *squee*
Yuk: I got you some more Gak! I know you just love that stuff! Oh and I accidentally dropped it in some radioactive waste which caused to mutate into a Gak cat. So you now have a cat that is made out of Gak.
Ebony: A crystal growing kit! I can't remember if I've already have given you one. But there's this nagging thought in the back of my mind that's telling me that I already gave you one.
DrCob: I "borrowed" a degree from a doctor and I got it for you! Now you're actually a doctor now!
I seriously can't remember anyone else who wanted mail. If you want mail then tell me that you want some. If I forgot you, don't cry, I'll make you a gift! Gifts are good! They come from the heart!