Friday, August 2, 2013

Nightly Megathread #200

Y'know, 200 is a pretty big number. It's like 2 with a zero and then, like, a SECOND zero. Whoa. This totally calls for a party. So, like, make it happen after the break.

I was trying to think up a great way to summarize what NMs mean and how they're important and define this place when I remembered 2 things. A. I'm lazy and B. I have this already written

Hyperdudeman Presents:

Discord's Domain fascinates me, being just the way it is 
FPLOON and Joe writing haikus, Bob stabbing you cause Twily's his 
And don't forget those crazy Nightlys, that got me into this show biz 
It's a mystery, Domainology! 

Fanfics, musics and those Artsys, and sometimes a PMV 
Refresh your page every hour, there's always so much to see 
This is clearly the way that a blog really ought to be 
Such a mystery, Domainology 

Aren't you bored of watching this show alone without any friends 
There's no longer an need to mope, 'cause today all that sadness ends 

EqD has no Megathreads. They don't need 'em; they don't care 
You'll just end up getting banned if you try to start on there 
That's not the case here on DD, where the mods are always fair 
It's so real to me, Domainology 

Trig and Swatteam, Bob and FPLOON, Shuupadoop and Radio 
Then there's also Mike and Sweetie. That's the DD gang, you know 
All of us are gathered right here, to talk about this TV show 
Seems surreal to me, Domainology 

Yeah, there's been a couple of fights 
No blog is perfect you see 
Still, we say you're born with the rights 
To post whatever you please! 

There's no need to goof around now, you can post what you want 
Stick around and this will soon be your new favorite haunt 
Come on, get those thoughts a-flowin' 
Cause your favorite blog is growin' 
That is who'll we'll be 
Video Time:

Discussion Time:

Tonight's discussion is a bit open-ended. I like to think that DD means different things to each person here. So, what is DD? What do you like seeing? What are your favorite memories? Any thoughts? If you were to put our server in  a blender, what flavor would it be? We love the feedback. And remember, 2 double 0! PARTY!