Thursday, August 29, 2013

Morning Post #4?

This was printed with 100 micron layer height and is roughly 7 inches long... It must have taken all day! (source)

No news in the inbox... People, if you find neat stuff or do neat stuff, send it in! We'll post it! But seeing as it's a quiet morning in the brony community, with not much going on out of the ordinary, I'll just make an update on the 3D-printing bronies, and then move on to general science nerdgasm stuff, because why not?
Anyways, you can find everything after the break.

First off, I've run into a few issues reconciling running a business and taking classes. Frankly, I don't wanna talk about it... but I will say I've figured out a bunch of possible solutions. Anyone who wanted to buy prints is going to have to wait a while though. Also look at that header picture again - it is a thing of beauty - admire it!! ...Uh, sorry, got a little carried away there. My point is printers are getting higher-res these days, which is cool.

You know what else is cool? Carbon. Most recently I heard, scientists were smashing Buckyballs together to simulate the conditions within stars, and finally figuring out how to make grapheme-metal composites with wild mechanical properties. Also as a footnote that shouldn't be a footnote, the first successful human brain-to-brain interface was made recently. It has been a good week for science.

Also, for anyone not mechanically-inclined, this is a beautifully simple explanation of a Differential Gear in cars.

...What? Not enough Pony? Ok... Issue 10 of the MLP comic came out today. Go read it so people don't spoil it for you like I'm about to do with this.


And as per usual, show staff continue to tease us about how awesome this upcoming season will be:

Not much of a surprise there.

And finally, Sweetie Bot posted this and the twitter folks seem to like it, so here's some random thing that was made.