Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Morning Post #3?

...Yeah, I'll be posting 3D-prints and their derivatives more often now, since there's so many being made. (source)

This morning we have a Trixielicious video, some sort of promo, and a message to the viewers blog mods after the break. Also there's this thing. So what would you do? Would you hire a person with a FIM-themed resumé?

In July, I pushed myself to try and get the site up and running again, but my efforts fell short. With Hyper and Deputy Derpy doing more and more though, I've got no excuse. Let's restore this place to its former glory!

Also to the other blog mods who haven't been around/contributed for a while, if you continue to be inactive in terms of blog stuff, we'll have to remove your admin/author status. You can get it back at a later date via contributions to the blog - pretty much the same criterion we've been using from the start of the blog.