Saturday, August 31, 2013

Daily Megathread Addendum

That last post was kinda pathetic... Sorry Derpy. We used to hold ourselves to a higher standard in the distant past... Let me show you how it's done!
...After the break of course.
First off, more 3D-prints and things from Skynetbeta. Quite prolific these days, isn't he?

Aside from those, Sweetie Bot found a bunch of cool stuff - some of which you may have seen by now, but all of which is worth being posted:

Oh and by the way, /mlp/ is now a micro-nation. Because why not? (as a link to 4chan, that'll probably expire in a day at the latest, and should be assumed to be full of profanity - venture there at your own risk)

And just a quick question to anyone out there who wants to answer - if we rigged this blog to automatically gather news from around the brony community and post it without filtering, would you mind? There would be no need for hand-made posts most of the time, at least not really, but we mods would probably still be around in the comments. Additionally, if this site couldn't be a news blog or a community, what other things would you have it be?