Saturday, August 10, 2013

Afternoon News

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Some more stuff Sweetie Bot found, as well as an announcement from the Nightmare Nights convention coming this fall, after the break.

First off, the announcement from Nightmare Nights:

Hotel Rooms Going Fast
We at Nightmare Nights are delighted by the enthusiastic response we’ve received. As we’ve continued announcing guests, as well-known fan artists like Chaotic Brony and many others have decided to sell their outstanding work here in Dallas, and as Andrea Libman keeps re-tweeting us, our badges have been going fast. However, our hotel rooms are going even faster. Remember: while we may force you to pay when you reserve your admission—we’re jerks like that-- the hotel does not! If you’re strongly considering attending Nightmare Nights this November, we’re strongly recommending you reserve your room now. Even though we’re still three months out, the hotel is filling up already. Go to, follow the link to our venue’s reservation page, and secure your room, deposit-free!
Nightmare Nights Completes Its Collection
We’ve been inviting all pony fan media members to attend, and will have representatives from Equestria Daily, Derpy Hooves News, Celestia Radio, Bronyville, Ponyville Live, FOB Equestria, EFN, and (probably) Canterlot Radio. See? It can be done!
The Vendor List! 

These are the vast majority of the folks you’ll encounter in our dealers room come November! It’s not fully complete as theres always negotiations in the background, but these are the community artists and craftsponies who will be vending at our event. If you’ve been wanting to purchase something from these artists and not had the chance before, come see us in November! The list, in no particular order..

Studio Neko Neko -
Black Dog Entertainment -
King Cheetah
Happy Jackal Graphics
Widow Maker

Artist Alley Now Open
Now that the Dealers Den is completely sold out, we’ve opened our Artist Alley for table registration. Check out our Artist Alley information and rules on our site.

 I have three things to say to that - yay Solrac!, I probably should've given the announcement its own post but it's not like this will get lost amongst a sea of new posts or anything, and HOW does NerdyMind go to like every convention everywhere?!

Onwards to Youtube's unbridled sarcastic power!

A bit of SFM thrown in there as well.

And another one of... THOSE videos... -_-