Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nightly Megathread #Waitwestilldothese?

I had a picture of Fluttershy as a Claymore and some pictures of cake and figured why not? Come on down for a good old fashioned Nightly Megathread.

The Assembly of a Pony Cake

My mom recently made this cake for the little girl of a family friend and I thought, "Hey, know who else loves pony cake? The internet." So here it is. All blindbags except the Fluttershy provided by yours truly.

The fondant

The Cake


Fluttershy: Always relevant.

Video Time:

Just pretend Shining Francis is singing. Y'know, in Polish...



So during Babble With Bronies today, my friend Everlasting Joy asked a good question. What one word sums up Season 1 for you? Think about it: a whole season in one word. Not exactly easy. Give me your best answers in the comments below. Hope to see some good stuff.

One last thing. These NMs may start popping up more often again. So, y'know, keep an eye out.