Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nightly Megathread #192

Hi there! And welcome to another Nightly Megathread! First things first. Congratulations Yuk on winning the Season 4 prediction challenge! Trig, you need to give him his prize! Now, discussion is after the break.

Hi everypony! As you may know, our lovely friend, Lyra, has a bit of a problem. He doesn't know that he is a potato. We are trying to help him accept himself for who he truly is. Yet every time we do, he denies it and calls us hurtful insults. WE'RE JUST TRYING TO HELP YOU, LYRA! So for discussion tonight, trying to help Lyra accept his potatoness. This is a very serious thread. (And a late one too...) Oh and another part of the discussion is this, what kind of potato is Lyra? He obviously isn't a sweet potato...