Friday, May 3, 2013

Unnumbered Nightly Megathread (Because Swat is a lazy butt. Actually scratch that, this might not even be an NM that's up for you to decide. In my opinion it's more like a random post only it was scheduled and stuff but... ah forget it, you won't read this far into the title anyway. Oh and one more thing. Hi. Ok seriously don't read all of this.)

Ahhhh yeeeeeah, you know what time it is. *deep inhale* It's time for a Swat NM/celebratory thingie for you-know-who in the you-know-what... the what is not what you think though, I was talking about the NM... dont have a dirty brain.

First order of business!

Yes sirree, this NM is to be expected, and not just because I'm making it... don't act like you don't know. This is that day where you come to Swatteam's NM to ask him a favor in which him and Pinkie cannot refuse... or is that just during weddings? Ah oh well, same thing, I guess. Now where was I? Oh yes, tonight is the night of Pie, where you gather around... shut up if you have nothing nice to say about her.... and generally praise her...

Is it just me or am I being extremely cryptic? Ok ok fine, I'll admit, if there's one thing I like to do more than saying stuff that leaves room for no absolutes (because no one knows for certain with this girl) it's Pinkie... wait, "like to do more"... actually that sentence still works.
(Yeah I just went there.)

Equestria Inquirer #61

Um just a spoiler alert, the part where they tell the news is the best part...

Humans stole my cereal once... I never saw my Frosted Flakes again. Sad story, I know.

So what was Swat talking about up there?

Simply put, too much cider can make you talk funny. But I'm pretty darn sure this is the birthday of the Great and Powerful Pinkie (Trixie stole that name by the way... and the costume. If you are ever wondering why she's never dressed as a magician... now you know.)


Well it WAS gonna be a bit dangerous... but then I found out Discord was reformed and the changelings couldn't make it due to "repopulating the hive"...yeah I didn't want to watch that so I asked Luna if she was in that time of the month again... I'd say she might show up, but just to kill me. Don't get your hopes up.

Still great party even without the tux wearin' mares...


Alright so they were gonna come but... well when evil rocks attack your farm you kinda have to make exceptions. Though I could tell them to bring the evil rocks over here... I'll be back.

I'm going to refrain from making obvious jokes this time.

...Oh son of a-

ok so that didn't last long! And the cake disappeared anyway... well probably eaten... No I'm not still talking about Mrs. Cake.

...Well Applejack found that one funny. (Inb4 "LOL Pinkie changed cutie marks!" comments.)

Ahahahahahahahahaha discussions on a Swat NM? Friend, around here there IS no discussion. Just Pinkie, and especially today.

Though of course you can discuss about Pinkie, or discuss how I keep saying that, or discuss how much I have already written in this NM (Seriously I could make like 5 other posts with all this).

Ok ok, but you know what... since today is her day I'm gonna take a different turn tonight. *puts serious pants on* Now I know this whole post has consisted of mostly me joking around and blasting Pinkie quips around like mad, but I feel I should end on a note that I... well never really end on.

I'm gonna be honest... during this whole discussion thought process I couldn't think of anything not related to Pinkie. This might not be completely different from my "normal" topics but...

Some of you might find this crap dumb, some of you might find it strange, some might call authorities and some might relate... and some might claim they feel exactly the same way I do- and to those guys (that I'd kill)... just be careful out there... don't think that's a joke. I'm wearin' the pants right now.
This post has been filled to the brim with Pinkie, and Pinkie related things, and to me that's still not enough, there will NEVER... be enough Pinkie, 'cause buddy when you've gotten to this point- no, when you've BEEN to this point, you're gonna be both shocked, anxious, a bit sad, and see a buttload of gloriousness! Ah yes friend, I think anyone knows what I'm takin' about... that ONE chick you keep looking at? Yeah... that's what I'm talking about. What I'M PERSONALLY talking about is Pinkie Pie. Come at me, bro. There is gonna be NO better way to end this NM then to praise her even more than I was throughout this thing. There comes a time in every mans life when they see lines drawn so damn perfectly that they just go, "A Klondike bar wouldn't even COMPARE to the things I'd do for THAT!" And sir, PINKIE IS JUST WHEN THAT QUOTE SPAWNED FOR ME.... Yep, this is literally all this wall of text is going to be about, it's gonna be about the definition of beauty. Seriously why is Rarity even in the show when they've got Pinkie? We've already got the pretty chick, AND THEN SOME. I'm not tryin' to bash on any characters or anything but heck, it's not hard to come out that way when I'm explainin' Pinkie Pie. Sexy, gorgeous, cute, pretty, hot, sugar, spice, maybe some Chemical X, I mean damn... that girl had to have been MADE for perfection. You might have already stopped reading but you know what, I STILL haven't said enough about her. And if I wasn't getting cramps in my fingers I'd hav- no you know what, pain is just temporary. Pinkie Pie is forever... forever and ever... and ever. MmmmmMMMMMMMMMMM God... Celestia... Gandalf... I honestly don't care. Just send me down that piece of heaven, whoever's up there. I mean she's fitting the fallen angel line pretty well already. Seriously, this is not a discussion, there is no response needed, no one has to say anything, I have put everything anyone could have conjured in the comments up already. You're all done, Pinkie Pie is prettiest pony. And she's mine. All mine. MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
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