Friday, May 10, 2013

Music (5/10/13)

The hell is "Complextro"? Sounds like the usual Dubstep to me.
If I may suggest a song from this list: Cylvr Klawz' composition is worth listening.

Assertive Fluttershy Boooring! (Sonic Rainboom Mix) Psy Trance
CrystalSlaveMusic Soaking Wet and Clueless Dubstep
Cylvr Klawz The Fog Within [Part 1] Piano Synth
DJ Pon-3 Gypsy Bard ( DJ Pon-3's Remix ) Complextro (<-- Wat.)
EileMonty I Like You [Fluttershy Version] Vocal
Evening Star Land of Equestria (BronyMike's Cover) Vocal Orchestral
Luceds Two Sides of One Smile Trance
Panic Rainbow Flash Dubstep