Wednesday, May 15, 2013

[Comic] One Pie

Unfortunate aspect ratio for a header. Oh well.
So, as I said some days ago, we still get mail every now and then. I wonder why...

Anyway, a group of Spanish comic artists going by the name Mas mancos Que Ayer sent us this project of theirs. A crossover between MLP: FiM and the One Piece manga.
Right now, they have 8 chapters in the original Spanish version, 4 of which were translated into English. As soon as the remaining 4 will be translated, they will release a new part every month.

It's your typical black & white manga style. There might be occasional strong language and minor comic violence.
The overall language is... okay. Similar to Ciriliko's comics on deviantArt.

TL;DR, have some gdoc links:

For those interested in the original Spanish version: