Tuesday, April 2, 2013

NOT The Final NM

Dear Princess Celestia/ those who visit Discord's Domain,

Our time running a blog about your other subjects, the ponies from Ponyville, has certainly been an amazing experience. We watched it grow into what it is today, even though that isn't saying much. We came together to make something great and set us apart from the rest of the fandom. Many saw potential when they found us. We worked as a team to nurture the blog by finding our specialty (much like earning a cutie mark, no?) so that no one person had to sell their soul to it. For a time, it worked. At one point, we had the dream that we would someday become as famous as Equestria Daily.

But when we created Discord's Domain, we underestimated the amount time we had to devote to it. Over time, our enthusiasm has waned. We did not act as a team as we intended to. Mods stopped posting daily. Some left. Some lost motivation. Some were too busy to set some time aside for it. Some did not give up. Because of this, the blog slowly died. We have decided to stop making daily posts until further notice. This is not goodbye. We will be back. There will be occasional posts, but I can almost guarantee that they will not come often. We plan on bringing the blog back to its former glory sometime before season 4 starts, when more hype for the show is built up again.

But I realized something. It is hard to imagine what it would be like if we didn't make Discord's Domain. We did not only create a blog, we also created a community. We've met new people; new friends. We brought them together and made a small family. We've even united some in real life. To me, this is our greatest achievement.

Although you may find this hard to believe, this is not a late April fool's joke. Time will confirm this.

Your loyal subject/ superior,
-Bob on behalf of what is left of the Blog 10

And remember, you can always find us on Skype. Just add Hyperdudeman and I'll do the rest.
Or Robotbob123.