Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Radiogenicpony!

Our resident Scoota-fan, and the reason this site really exists in the first place, is celebrating his birthday today. Make sure to wish him a happy one in the comments.

Radio's an awesome friend, whooppe, whoopee
He's a clever, funny, all-around great brony, brony
And now we celebrate his birthday with glee, with glee
With his very own special song written by me!

Happy Birthday!


Climb as high as you want and can, but remember not to fall. Until you learn to fly some day.
Also, there's a slideshow with some Scootaloos at the bottom. Sorry that most of them are sad, though.


Dear Big Red, though you are a tad rough around the edges you shall still be getting 500 hookers. Don't thank me, the bill will be in your mail soon.

Happeh birfs


Happy birthday! See you at EQLA, you freakin' psychopath. My gift to you is an oath not to eat fried chicken for a month.


Happy birthday

~The rest of the team