Friday, March 22, 2013


Back in 89, I simply slid into place 
Buddy, buddy, buddy all up in your face 
A lot of kids was bustin rhymes but they had no taste 
Some said quest was wack, but now is that the case 

It's Music Hour, with these tracks on display... No evil in sight that you need to slay...

1. NickThePunkRockPony Speaking Fancy (Apple Jack's theme) Punk Rock
2. Neighsayer Where She Belongs Ambient
3. Delta Brony Gypsy Bard (Super Euro Version) Eurobeat
4. EileMonty Proud To Be A Brony By BlackGryph0n [EileMonty Cover] Vocal Cover
5. Poni1Kenobi Heaven (F3nning Cover) Alternative Rock
6. Delta Brony Cloudsdale EVOLVED (Super Eurobeat Mix) Eurobeat
7. ShikariSPEEDER AKA Nathan Barlow Equestrian Life (Brony Cover of Bring Him Home by Les Miserables) Vocal Cover
8. turkey255 The First Snowflake Piano