Sunday, March 17, 2013


Have some comics to start the blog day with. Have a laugh, have some feels, kill a bit of time.
All of this and more after the break.

My Little Test Subjects by *Pony-Berserker

A portal-esque comic with some clever jokes.
Room 63...
Lullaby for a Princess: part 1 by *RussianKolz

A comic for the song. To be honest, I never listened to the original. I listened to Lullaby for a Ghetto Princess, though...
Anyway, part 2 is out as well. You can find it in the description.
PONIES!!! - 36 by ~Turag

Yep, Trixie doesn't like Applejack. Unless she's a doll.
Something about the Cakes by ~doubleWbrothers

Uhh... Pinkie is a confirmed stalker, I guess...
Shut the window at night. And cover it if there's a tree or something...
End Season by *IchibanGravity

Confound those firsters.
  PranksterShy RainbowDash by *HowXu

  The sole reason why I abandoned work on the Artsy for some time and
  made this post instead.
  Also, Fluttershy traded her snout in for another 50% of cute on the scale.
Rarity((Voice within)) by ~aruigus808

Something special. A flash comic with awesome post-rock music.
Them feels...