Thursday, December 27, 2012

Comics: And Christmas Shall Last Forever! / Princess Chrysalis / Kindergarten Days 24

Twilight and smarty pants. by *Coltsteelstallion

The fic we posted yesterday, this goes along perfectly with it. Bob, you better comment on this post and profess your undying "awwww"s for filly Twilight. I'll join you. Comics after the earthquake.

1. And Christmas shall last FOREVER! by *StarlightSpark

Not exactly sure what their plan is, but hey, if you guys can take over Equestria via a holiday, more power to you. Though I think they may find that ponies don't actually celebrate Christmas.

I think Celestia needs an upgrade to Queen. It's not like any other pony rules over her... at least to our knowledge. Gasp! New theory!

3. Kindergarten days 24 by ~CIRILIKO

Defy ALL that canons!