Sunday, November 25, 2012

Comic Post #63: PONIES!!! - 20 / A Babs Situation / Orange You Glad / Berries Need Love Too

Don't call me a blank flank by *Dori-to

If she does that enough her tail will probably become her cutie mark. That's a little repetitive  But maybe, just maybe, she'll become a professional tail whipper? or at least something of this nature. Speaking of professional tail whippers, comics after the break.

1. PONIES!!! - 20 by ~Turag

Trixie only lives with Lyra because Lyra has green magic, apparently. I hope Discord isn't doing the same thing, playing with mane six puppets.
2. A Babs situation by *Whatsapokemon

Geez, it just gets darker and darker. Also, any bets on how many times this pun is getting used (from the title)?
3. Orange you glad by ~TheWormOuroboros

I always just thought oranges were orange colored apples. I mean, there's red, green, and yellow. And where are the blue apples, or are you about to tell me blue berries are their own fruit as well?

See if you can find Derpy...