Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Comic Post #45:Physics / Quickie: Plan B / Sleep Well Big Macintosh / Be Prepared / Colors

The! Worst! Possible! Thing! by *DaringDashie

Comic Post? Worst possible thing? Am I really that bad? *sadface* I guess I'll truck on anyway, despite the ridicule from worst (formerly 5th best) pony... comics below.

1. Physics by *J-Z-A

Units are in da magiks. No wonder Pinkie didn't know to use them.
2. Quickie: Plan B by ~HatBulbProductions

*imagines Pinkie playing Friday* Why Friendship is Witchcraft? Why must you take over my perception of canon?!?!
3. sleep well Big Macintosh. by *Coltsteelstallion

Magic conch, what do the Apples need to do to get their cutie marks?
You should be taking notes Apple Bloom.

4. [Comic] Be Prepared by ~Rambopvp

This is what I thought of when the Failure song was first teased. Lion King for 2nd best animated movie when MLP movie comes out!
5. Colors by =NightmareMoonS

I'm willing to let the OC slide because Rainbow Dash and puns.