Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mega Music Post #4

Darned MyLittleBrony.com! 
Y u tag everything that gets on your site?

So let's see what happens when Mike is left in charge of a music post. Prepare yourselves for a most soothing arrangement of compressions and rarefactions of the air surrounding your ears! You read this in Lrrr's voice!

1. Spangle - Prelude to the Bass (Octavia's Theme/Prelude Mashup)
2. Carbon Maestro - Windigos (Canterlot Symphony)
3. Radiarc - Searching for a Friend
4. GaugeN - Pinkamena's Lullaby [Piano Composition / Filler]
5. The Lunar War - It All Begins In Ponyville
6.)MichauDotCom - Mafia 'n' Stuff [VISUALS]
7.)Sim Gretina - Rare Diamonds
8.)My little pony: Black Sunrise